Below is a list of my peer-reviewed publications, in reverse chronological order:

  • (In review) Grießer, Jan, Lucas Frérot, Jonas A. Oldenstaedt, Martin H. Müser, and Lars Pastewka. ‘Analytic elastic constants in molecular calculations: Finite strain, non-affine displacements, and many-body interatomic potentials’. ArXiv.
  • Frérot, Lucas, Alexia Crespo, Jaafar A. El-Awady, Mark O. Robbins, Juliette Cayer-Barrioz, and Denis Mazuyer. ‘From Molecular to Multi-Asperity Contacts: How Roughness Bridges the Friction Scale Gap’. ACS Nano 17, 2205-2211 (23 January 2023). PDF/CC-BY
  • Brink, Tobias, Lucas Frérot, and Jean-François Molinari. ‘A Parameter-Free Mechanistic Model of the Adhesive Wear Process of Rough Surfaces in Sliding Contact’. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 147 (1 February 2021): 104238. PDF/CC-BY
  • Frérot, Lucas, Guillaume Anciaux, Valentine Rey, Son Pham-Ba, and Jean-François Molinari. ‘Tamaas: A Library for Elastic-Plastic Contact of Periodic Rough Surfaces’. Journal of Open Source Software 5, no. 51 (28 July 2020): 2121. PDF/CC-BY
  • Frérot, Lucas Henri Galilée. ‘Bridging Scales in Wear Modeling with Volume Integral Methods for Elastic-Plastic Contact’. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, 2020. PDF
  • Frérot, Lucas, Guillaume Anciaux, and Jean-François Molinari. ‘Crack Nucleation in the Adhesive Wear of an Elastic-Plastic Half-Space’. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 145 (1 December 2020): 104100. PDF/CC-BY-SA
  • Frérot, Lucas, Marc Bonnet, Jean-François Molinari, and Guillaume Anciaux. ‘A Fourier-Accelerated Volume Integral Method for Elastoplastic Contact’. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 351 (1 July 2019): 951–76. PDF/CC-BY-SA
  • Molinari, Jean-François, Ramin Aghababaei, Tobias Brink, Lucas Frérot, and Enrico Milanese. ‘Adhesive Wear Mechanisms Uncovered by Atomistic Simulations’. Friction 6, no. 3 (1 September 2018): 245–59. PDF/CC-BY
  • Frérot, Lucas, Ramin Aghababaei, and Jean-François Molinari. ‘A Mechanistic Understanding of the Wear Coefficient: From Single to Multiple Asperities Contact’. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 114 (May 2018): 172–84. PDF/CC-BY-NC-ND

See also my ORCID page or Google Scholar profile for publications.

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